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Since Kruse was still close with Zach, Kim told her friend Samantha Kennedy that dating him seemed like a way to lessen the pain of losing Zach. But, like many high-school romances, Kims affair with Zach was short-livedhe called it off after a few months. Ha ha., she wrote, thanx i guess: S. When Kruse wrote of being violent and explosive, she replied with an lol. He complimented her beauty, telling her: There arnt meny beautiful things iv seen, but i must say you are one of them. But in fact theyre leaving a running transcript behind, a digital trail of their hopes, their anxieties, and, in the case of at least one small Canadian town, even their. During one of these chats, Cam confessed to Kim that he liked her. And, by the next morning, stuffed in his freezer. Kruse: Thats what I wanted to talk about. Youre too good Kim, he wrote to her one day, you trust in people too much. During one chat, Kruse told Kim he felt more open around her than other people. When he wasnt texting, he was playing. At night they continued the party into the wee hours online, chatting and flirting. That day, Kim didnt have classes, so her mother figured shed sleep in. Kim: wut ever happened to Kim u deserve nothing u kill your rabbit. Kim had a passion for animals, raising a menagerie of lizards, rabbits, mice, and hamsters. In 2001, following his involvement in a ual-assault case, Kruses father, Robert Raymond Dezwaan, ually assaulted and murdered a 16-year-old girl. He listed common traits including animal abuse, fascination with fire, abandonment by a father, and an intense interest in sadomasochistic . When Kim tried to joke about Kruses old school-yard nickname, the Spaz, he said the wounds ran deeper than she thought. I happen to own that brand of lollipop as well, Kruse wrote back. Gawky and boyish, 16-year-old Kruse had scraggly brown hair and uneven eyes. Kruse: Its more about why Cam, and me, and everyone was so mean. He was increasingly menacing at school too, bringing a knife to class. The teens in Langford enjoyed a great degree of independence, cruising the double-decker buses, heading to the Westshore Town Centre mall, or getting stoned on the rambling Galloping Goose Trail. When Kruse IMd Kim to see if she was done babysitting, no response came. Thats what Im going to do but I need to get her stoned first and possibly seduce her. I can meet you tomorrow earlier than her babysitting and talk about it over a couple bowls. Ok., she replied, with her signature emoticon, cat whiskers, there is no such Lolipop with a cream in the middle Cam: YOU HAVE DEATH URIN ON YOU! Online, they began sharing the insecurities that they couldnt in person. I still do but now I know how people work and what makes them tick so Its easy enough to put on a mask and play pretend. Cam had just finished buying the camp fuel that the boys would later use to set Kims body on fire.