Winchester rifle dating

After this, each barrel is stress-relieved to ensure accuracy stays straight, even during the heat of rapid firing. If youre the average Joe Schmoe hunter, you shouldnt. Hell this gun was 60-some years old when I was still in diapers. Feel The original Model 70 has, of course fired (tens of?) thousands of rounds through it, so the action has had a 70-year trigger and action job done to an. Did I mention the local smith also regularly did restoration work for the Smithsonian? The CRPFS is basically the Post-1964 Winchester Model 70 action with the lower portion of its bolt face ground flat. This allows the extractor to slide over the cartridge rim without having to skip over it. Not to say that the gun wont keep ticking after countless (internal) magazine dumps. The bolt knob and forearm feature aggressive yet handsome checkering. The recoil lug in the Model 70 is not added during assembly. Those people have never hiked five miles with gear to a tree-stand. If you pull the bolt back slowly, the empty case doesn't fly anywhere, so you can catch it in your hand and the case is not damaged as it hits. This exerts full control over the cartridge from the time it leaves the magazine, as it enters the chamber, gripping tightly until the cartridge is fully ejected. It's another feature found on the Model 70. This rifle came in 2 types: The standard and the deluxe. . This is a massive claw extractor that smoothly slips onto and secures about one-quarter of the base of the cartridge. The forged steel receiver starts as a forged from a solid block of steel. This allows the barrel to be trued in perfect alignment to the front ring of the receiver for greater accuracy. And boy did that barrel get hot. If the Model 70 sported an adjustable comb and LOP it would be flawless. After blasting away merrily thoroughly testing the firearm I had the bright idea of seeing how the light rifle felt during some off-hand shooting. I was impressed; the gun isnt balanced like a fine over/under shotgun, but it points easily. All Winchester 290s were produced with a 20.5 inch barrel, a fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight and a rail for scope mounting. The Model 70 earned the title, The Riflemans Rifle back in its heyday but does it still deserve the moniker? . Sorry guys, I love ya, but Im not going to submit a FOIA request when Im already on enough NSA watch lists for posting on this site. I didnt even manage to short-stroke the rifle while trying to rapid fire while plinking. Greek HXP Groupings Even with surplus ammo the Model 70 was still an effective lead delivery system. Whereas a PRFS guns extractor doesnt grab the rounds rim until the bolt is fully closed on a chambered round. There are a few exception such as the Accuracy International AICS stock. A blade-type ejector gives you full control when ejecting a fired case. It's forged and machined as part of the receiver.