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The resulting Servant cannot be called either individual, but rather a combination of the powers of both individuals mingling together that add abilities not present in the original Servant. Lets keep it fresh for tomorrow, she said, eager for dinner. These adjustments did not take much timeone or two tries, and she moved on. Full of nervous energy, she folded and refolded sweaters until her parents begged her to stop and come down for dinner. The Palace, where she was staying, is near the Prinzregententheater, and is unusually accommodating of classical musicians; Room 606 comes equipped with a Steinway. Some wonderful pianists practice eight hours a day, she says. They are of a much higher magnitude, so it is normally impossible for portions to be transplanted onto a human. Grimaud quickly surpassed other children who had been playing piano for years. 6 Normally the recipient would die of shock, but being even closer than twins allows the surgery to succeed. One day in July, Hélène Grimaud was practicing the piano in a hotel room in Munich. Her mother balked, as Grimaud remembers, afraid that all those hours at the piano werent likely to make her more conforming or normal or lighthearted, or something. Characteristics Edit Servants are beings able to switch between a Spiritual Body and Material Body at will. 4 5 While they have Material Bodies like humans, the composition is drastically different. She had played the score only twice before, but she is a fast learner. Grimaud, a bold reinventor of phrasings, admires the more extreme players. Her covers can compete against the pop records that are on the home page of iTunes. Rather than it being a hard process to summon them or the fact that they far surpass magi, it is their intrinsic nature in that they are beings beyond magecraft. She plays around a hundred concerts a year. Whenever Grimaud can manage, she doesnt perform at all: she is at a conservation center for wolves that she co-founded, in 1999, in northeast Westchester County, where she helps care. One day when Grimaud was seven, her parents took her to a music-appreciation class. But, rather than spending all her time at the keyboard, she did much of her practicing in her head. On album covers, her hair telegraphs a mood. While they may bleed and take damage to their organs, their true being resides in a Spiritual Core they obtain upon first materializing. Possession Edit It is possible for a Servant to possess a human, fuse with a human to become a Demi-Servant Demi-Svanto? Grimaud doesnt sound like most pianists: she is a rubato artist, a reinventor of phrasings, a taker of chances. Her strongly interpretive playing has made her a favorite among many conductors and reviewers. When her class was instructed to draw chickens, she drew pictures of wire mesh. Her behavior often leaned toward the bizarre, though she does not always seem to recognize this. Their senses are limited to spiritual sensations, so they must materialize in order to fully experience normal senses when sharing a visual link with their Master. Her father had no such worries; he arranged for an upright to be delivered to their house. Normally the souls of Heroic Spirits would overwhelm those of humans, making it impossible for them to intermix and grant a human the powers of the Heroic Spirit. Perhaps not coincidentally, this strategy helps Grimaud attract younger, less committed listeners who shop for music online. 1 Servants are Heroic Spirits made into special familiars of the highest rank that are bound to the Master. She first noticed this phenomenon, at the age of eleven, while playing the Prelude in F-sharp Major from Bachs Well-Tempered Clavier; she has described seeing a shapeless stain.