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That night, Browne says, he handed over a cache of weapons to fellow members of a Catholic paramilitary unit. Today, however, the global economic crisis has hit the Republic's economy hard and slowed development momentum in Northern Ireland. Regions edit Northern Ireland was established on May 3, 1921 when the British government split Ireland into two autonomous territories. County Derry The city of Londonderry is located here.  Slieve Donnard standing at 852 m (2,796 ft) is the highest mountain in the Mournes range and also the highest mountain in Northern Ireland. Currency British Pound Sterling Area 13,843 km2 Population 1,841,245. Some IRA splinter groups are still planting explosives and, rarely, executing enemies. The world famous Giant's Causeway (Northern Irelands only UNESCO World Heritage site ) with its array of hexagonal basalt columns and tales of ancient Irish giants, and 'Old Bushmills the. The violence continued for bearly 30 years, with the major towns and cities of Northern Ireland subject to repeated bombings and shootings. Derry, or Londonderry the Maiden City On the banks of the Foyle River is the second city of Northern Ireland and fourth city of Ireland is well worth a visit. British hegemony began to unravel with the 1916 Irish uprising; five years later, the Anglo-Irish Treaty created the). County Tyrone A rural county, home to the Sperrin Mountains. Although a few extremist paramilitary organizations are still active, the six counties are much safer to visit than they formerly were. This day became known as "Bloody Sunday and remains contentious to this day. Investment capital, much of it from England, has poured into the city since the coming of peace. The Mournes also offer fine rock climbing opportunities. Two things helped ease his way into postwar society. But half a mile away, one enters a different world. The gunmen whom he had supplied pulled up to a row house where Douglas McElhinney, 42, a former officer in the Ulster Defense Regimentthe Northern Ireland branch of the British. Over some 30 years, more than 3,500 people were killedsoldiers, suspected informers, militia members and civilians caught in bombings and crossfireand thousands more were injured, some maimed for life. Regions of Northern Ireland County Antrim Belfast is situated in County Antrim, as is the stunning North Coast and Giant's Causeway. For his role in the murder, Browne, now 49, was sentenced to life. The Troubles, as Northern Ireland's sectarian strife came to be known, erupted nearly 40 years ago, when Catholic Irish nationalists, favoring unification with the Irish Republic to the south, began.  Most came to work on new plantations which had been established in the area. Despite its former reputation as being violent and dangerous the political situation has stabilised quite a bit. He was terrified to cross streets because he couldn't judge the speed of cars. Although there had always been population movements between the west of Scotland and the north-east of Ireland, during the 16th and 17th centuries there was an organised settlement of people. Other wall paintings celebrate the Battle of the Boyne, near Belfast, the 1690 victory of Protestant King William III over Catholic King James II, the deposed monarch attempting to regain. Now those internal controls have disappeared, and communities have requested that the municipal council construct barriers to protect residents. Residents of Belfast and Derry were sealed off in a patchwork of segregated neighborhoods divided by barbed wire and patrolled by masked guerrillas.