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RESOURCES for guys  who've decided that they need to manage, change or stop their use of meth. Life After Meth Weight Issues and Meth Women and Meth: Understanding Issues. But if you can't afford the book, no worry. If you want all this info in one easy to follow format, order the book from Amazon. Instead, we're here to provide INFORMATION so that gay men really understand crystal and how it affects our physical, mental, ual and social health. Trusting Meth Users Quitting or Abstinence    Telling the Truth. Codependent Issues and Topics Loving an addict Legal, Law Enforcement, Jail Prison Issues. Org is a part of the Stonewall Project family of harm reduction drug alcohol treatment services, and a program of the San Francisco AIDS Foundaton. SUPPORT for guys who want to share what they know or need to  find some answers about their meth use. You'll find most of it either excerpted in chapter or blog form on this site for free. Youll hear the odds are against you. We don't want you to be offended or threatened. Rehab Facility and Treatment Center Issues Concerns. We're not here to promote meth or glorify meth use. Youll hear outlandish statistics, that only a small percentage of us ever quit or stop successfully. Our website is graphic and frank in its information about and drug use. Meth Recovery  Withdrawal Symptoms  More Questions. We're here because we know that gay guys use crystal meth. Effects on the Family because of Meth. Intervention and Understanding Addiction Meth Relapse Warning Signs One Mo Time! Pregnancy Babies  Parents with Children Parents who use Meth. Quitting Crystal Meth or Methamphetamine Quitting Meth Meth Cravings eady  Overcoming Addiction. Sores Meth Bites Slamming Heavy Use Signs. Behavior / Sleeping Problems (Dreams) / Mental Issues Dreams  Sleeping Issues  Behavior Changes Mental Issues. We hope you'll choose a different site if you're not 18  or older. We're not here to condemn or criticize meth use. Parenting Son Using Meth Wife/Girlfriend Using Meth. As you read these very words, over a million people have successfully quit or stopped crystal meth (worldwide) and are living drug-free lives. Recovery Meetings: AA, NA, 12 Step Program. Quitting Crystal Meth: What to Expect What to Do. To order from Amazon, click the book below. I hope you'll find the content helpful in quitting. Topics Not Yet Cataloged Additional topics are added monthly. Cost of Meth to an Addict / Society. We're all about getting the information out to those who are struggling to quit, not about selling books. Effects of Meth from usage , ual Problems, and Crystal Meth. Comparing Meth   Consuming Meth Names for Meth Physical Medical Signs of Meth Use.   Purpose of Meetings Help. Recovery and Treatment for Crystal Meth Users. Meth Tools, Pipes, Objects associated with Using. " I never realized it was this easy to find single local ladies near me!" - Cassie M. 5 Best Dating Sites in Lugansk, 14 Top Dating Site Reviews Consumer-Rankings.