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Email (Send Receive) allow members to interact within Disabled Passions without giving out personal contact details. Additionally, you will have the option to upgrade your Passions Network account (if you would like). By: Dear Wendy May 8, 2012 Columns, Your Turn Im writing regarding my 21-year-old brother, Jason. Bragging Rights: Small site helping the differently abled. Seriously, the Internet has changed the world, and we are proud to be part of that change! Unfortunately, part of living a full life means opening yourself up to a potential broken heart, embarrassment, and even worse, physical danger. Theres another social site that he frequents often. Disabled Passions Is A 100 Free Dating, Chat Social Networking Site For The Disabled Community! Social Clout: 3,435 followers, 1,034 likes URL : http www. Should I help him sign up for a proper online dating site? They cater to those seeking everything from simple chats to finding solid dating potential, or even landing that one you keep. This isnt something I can go to my parents about. Mental challenges or no, heartache is something that everyone who dares to put himself or herself out there faces all the time. So I explained to him in depth the dangers of looking to Omegle for a girlfriend. And what can your brother actively do, save from shutting himself indoors and never venturing online or out into the world, to protect himself from these crimes? Disabled Passions gives people who are part of the Disabled community a place to find one another. Disabled Forums allow members to post on topics of interest. It may sound tedious, but making a list of each worry, followed by a list of preventative actions your brother can take and that you can help him take may. Click The JOIN NOW Button Below To Register A FREE Disabled Passions Account. There are a number of options within Disabled Passions to help connect members, including the following: Disabled Groups allow members to find others who share very specific interests / similarities. Next Post: My Ex Booty Call Just Friended Me on Facebook. I lived out of state at the time, so I never met her, but I heard from family members who did know her that she was slightly more Im not. Meeting new people can sometimes be more difficult when you are dealing with a disability. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, send me your letters at and be sure to follow me on Twitter and like me on. The other night I caught him once again trolling random girls to ask out. Sign up now to enjoy free chat, message boards and email. Or, if you arent interested in dating, you can use Disabled Passions solely as a Disabled focused social network, since it has all the major features found on large social. 100 FREE Social Networking Not interested in dating? They shame him for having screen savers of scantily clad comic book characters or even having an interest in women. I should note that, sadly, my parents were never the most attentive and didnt ever give him or me for that matter many of the general safety talks that most. He was very broken up about it. Disabled Passions is one site within the Passions Network network of 260 niche online dating social networking sites. You could share with him some of your own experiences with rejection or broken hearts so he better understands that heartache is a risk everyone faces and, if its something. You are welcome to use Disabled Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g. If its the latter youre most worried about, Id say you need to articulate exactly what sorts of dangers youre worried your brother might face. He frequented the site a lot until I caught him passing out his phone number. (No, setting them up together is absolutely not an option, by the way.). Use the Disability Groups option to find others dealing with Arthritis, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Mobility Issues, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injury or any. Is there anything else that can be advised? Disabled Passions is a 100 FREE online dating social networking community specifically for singles with a disability. Members Have Full Access To These Features And More 100 FREE Dating Provided you do not have an existing Passions Network account, Disabled Passions is 100 FREE.