Halo matchmaking tips

You can carry more than one type of grenade, so pressing this button will allow you to select the best type for your situation. Once you can navigate these features, you'll have a better understanding of how to play Halo 3. To talk during a voice-restricted match, press the D-Pad in any direction and speak into your microphone if you have one. In addition, some grenades can bounce away while others can stick to walls or people, so experiment with the effects of the grenades. It could be DLC maps that are not required and certain game modes can't be played because of it. Practice makes perfect, so try out your new skills in a variety of scenarios. 3 Learn Halo 3's controls which you will need to use in order to play the game: Look around in Halo 3 by rotating or moving the Right Joystick on. Show an in-depth view of players and scores by pressing and holding the BACK button on your controller. Swap grenades by pressing the Left Bumper on your controller. Then put it back in and wait for the content to load. Primarily, the game uses a checkpoint system where you must navigate the level to reach a destination or eliminate a target, so navigation skills are key. In Multiplayer consider using The Battle Rifle (BR) in order to be successful to advance through the ranks if a competitive gamer. Melee by pressing the B button on your controller - this performs a hand-to-hand attack with your weapon or fist and can be used to finish of an opponent. WikiHow Contributor Restart the game and clean the disk. 4 Familiarize yourself with the style of play that Halo 3 uses. To view what weapons you have and how much ammunition they hold, look in the top right-hand corner of your screen - Your current weapon will be shown in bold. Grenades throw on an arc, so aiming may be harder than other weapons. The harder you move the Joystick, the faster your character will move - if you only move it slightly, it is possible to slow movement to a crawl. In cases, some weapons can be fired in combination with your m feature, so experiment with which weapons allow you to do so. On multiplayer matches, and indeed in co-operative campaign play, you must work with team mates and allies to finish your mission. Finally, you can find match or campaign statistics and leader boards in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Halo 3 is basically a shooter, so weapons, cover, aim and strategy are all parts of the game which you must play. Sharing resources, such as vehicles and weapons, are vital, so to play Halo 3 you must learn how to use the game and work with it. Move around by rotating or moving the Left Joystick. Video Tips if you really want to be good at Halo 3 multiplayer, you are going to want to go into forge mode and look thoroughly through all the maps. Swap your weapons by using the Y button. On the opposite, top left-hand corner of your screen you will find the grenades you currently have in your possession. Pressing the Left Joystick in allows your character to crouch, making you a harder target and hides you from enemy radars. This will pull your side weapon out and holster your main weapon. Community Q A Search Add New Question. Equipment is a recent invention found only in Halo 3 and has a variety of uses, so you will have to experiment with them.