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He then went onto his bed and laid there face down very upset and very tearful, she said, The Telegraph reported. Annmarie said Bamford recuperated at home after an operation for his injuries. One man attacked his roommate when he confronted him and asked him to leave. 23 claimed in court that he merely defended himself when Jefferies got on top of me and refused to stop a ual attack. A Grindr user is suing the gay dating app after a former partner began impersonating him on the site and invited dangerous people to his apartment who he claims tried. After the attack, Bamford drove himself to the hospital in Jefferies car, an Audi TT, and took the obscene shot after claiming he had cut himself. Herrick said he's made reports 50 times to Grindr and 14 to police. The incidents have caused Herrick significant distress, who said he is in 'a constant state of hyper-vigilance, afraid that Grindr has been used to incite or seduce the wrong person. The teen who sought to rob Jefferies on Feb. She confronted him after finding a report of a death in Mayfield. Herrick, an actor, said men began to show up at his home and work for . Published: 23:51 BST, Updated: 11:51 BST, 3.4k shares A Grindr user is suing the gay dating app after a former partner began to impersonate him on the site and invited. He claimed he told Jefferies he had to use the bathroom and went downstairs but found all the doors locked and realized he had left his cellphone upstairs, The Telegraph. The ex allegedly invites men to Herrick's apartment and the restaurant where he works. Grindr's terms of service state that impersonation accounts aren't permitted, but it's unclear whether Grindr is capable of cracking down on the accounts. On Tuesday, he stood emotionless when the jury foreman announced the verdict, which sent his mom, Annmarie, into a crying fit next to her husband, Richard. 'It's a living hell.' Herrick has posted about his ordeal on his social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. The accounts have Herrick's photos and personal details, including some falsehoods like a claim that that he's HIV positive. Jefferies was found naked in February with a towel over his head lying in a pool of blood on his kitchen floor in Mayfield, East Sus. He also stated that he has previously logged 50 complaints to Grindr about the fake accounts and filed 14 police reports, but nothing came of them. The home of Paul Jefferies in Mayfield, East SusZUMA Press. I had to ask him again because he was being very tearful and angry. The stunned mom then went online and found a report of a suspicious death in Mayfield. The ex has allegedly been creating fake accounts since October 2016. In some instances, they are told not to be dissuaded if Herrick is resistant at first, 'as part of an agreed upon rape fantasy or role play.' 'My entire life. My privacy has been taken from me. The man then 'lunged' at him, began wrestling him and took his phone, according to. A teen who posed for a flip-the-bird selfie from his hospital bed after butchering a high-ranking British civil servant he met on a gay dating app was found guilty of. The judge said he would impose sentence Wednesday, saying he needed a little time for reflection partly due to the fact that Bamford was 17 at the time of the. CNN reported that sometimes as many as 16 strangers each day will show up looking for Herrick. New York City based actor Matthew Herrick, 32, stated in a lawsuit that a man he'd began dating from Grindr in 2015 created fake profiles using his images and then. Grindr cooperates with law enforcement on a regular basis and does not condone abusive or violent behavior.'. And then he shouted, I think Ive killed somebody!