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Does This New York Times Article Portray Trump As Pro-Gay? Bogie (Brennan Hillard, Dance Flick ) struggles with being an out gay actor in Hollywood. Listed alphabetically and continually updated. Annotations ongoing. Updated. This is a list of original web series most of them scripted focused. Steve Grand, Davey Wavey Will Talk You Through Hooking Up Online. Cosmopolitan caught up with the ripped reality star and asked him the questions that would be on our minds if we interviewed him: namely why, how, andwhat about theft? Christopher Street, created by Dwight Allen ONeal, explores black gay men as urban performers. Via Samesame : Written and produced by young filmmaker Christopher Kam, Friends and Benefits sees newly-dumped 21-year-old uni student Ben enter the spooky world of internet dating. A raw, y, dramatic web series about the bear community in New York City. Ricky Martin is so movie-star handsome that his face belongs on the big screen. (There are great unstarred ones as well Im only one person!). The Adventures of Nat and Meg, via AfterEllen Apples, http apples. Free registration to hook up with real naughty s near you. For more on Drama Queenz, see my post. Welcome to Gay Men ! The name says it all. It is one and only website that has to offer these videos of the hottest guys who have long stiff boners and they damn. Neither thinks the other was born that way. In news that is sure to get the heads of homophobes spinning like Linda Blairs in The Exorcist, a new study has proven that kids of gay parents are just as. A bunch of sites now distribute them, including: One More Lesbian, Autostraddle, PNT TV, ISeeGayPeople, SheWired, Tello, and Q-Roc. Conversations with My Ex, http www. Walking On Water. Badian, Cebu, The Philippines. By Martin Tan. JPGs is a photo peek into wherever gamers might find interesting. If youre a photographer and have. Deep Dish also does a great job of finding new series. East Willy B (creators: Julia Grob and Yamin Segal http eastwillyb. Feed, via AfterEllen Finding Me: The Series, http findingmetruthblog. The misadventures of a couple who are trying to spice up their relationship. Anyone But Me shines a light on identity coming to terms with who we are as gays, African Americans, women, and citizens of the world. Down-to-earth lesbian shacks up with perky straight girl in this roommate-relationship dramedy. For my interview with the creators, click here. A spoof on, obviously, Cagney Lacey, this web series follows two effeminate cops as they patrols the city streets, comically and ineffectually. Or perhaps he is since Playgirl has stepped in to make an offer. What is this? Gay Geeks is a forum for (duh) gay geeks of all types to hang out, chat, debate, rant, occasionally flirt shamelessly, and just. Com Willy owns a bar catering to Latinos in a community on the verge of gentrification. Gigolos star Nick Hawk just insured his penis for 1 million because, hey, you can never be too careful with your moneymaker, amirite? Via Popsucker : Created by gay writer Matt Kirsch (who also plays a lead role in the show), Duder follows the lives of a group of affable young New. If you are a series creator for one of the shows in the directory and would like to be interviewed for Televisual or some of the other blogs I write.