Funny dating adverts

And I am a pretty, tasty girl with typical traditional Chinese concept. When I was in college I had one guy friend that was having bad luck with his dating profile (he was a older student, late 20's). And if you are- you need to meet me too. Best Funny Personal Ads Posted: PM ohhhh MANNNNNNNN! Or, if you can't help it, enjoy laying down. From Egypt How she describes herself: it is verey hard to talk about my self. HE HAS TO ALSO BE ABLE TO JUST STAY AT HOME ONE NIGHT AND CUDDLE AND WATCOVIE. It's hard to tell if this is funny or scary. Must wear size five shoes." "Small lumpy squid monkey seeks healthy woman with no identifying scars, any age. I thought all of these were funny for one reason or another. . You bring the salsa." "Mongoloid spastic underwear model with extra limb (you guess where?) in search of bottlenosed dolphin and extra prickly cactus juice. I like smile and occasionally laugh, as my name tell you. So yeah if you would like to do that with me then like send me a message or something because i like have a lunch pass since i like live. Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. I like tavelling, climbing and jogging outdoors. I enjoy someone who can coinside with my values and ideas about what the future holds. Some willingness to assist with basic bodily functions required." "MWM, 73, looking for SWF 18-35 for an intimate encounter with my wife and myself in a threesome. Fill in the blanks: Padisha Emperor Shaddam IV's daughter is y; Shiny, slippery, smooth, curvy, laughing is ier. In my bedroom, you'll find: A portal to the 6th dimension, where space-time is cheap megaphor, the laws of physics are reduced to a whim, and humans live in incomplete. Marry me." "Sanctimonious mordacious raconteur seeking same for hijinks and hiballs. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. And they must have as a good personality and sense of humor and is willing to be there for me and others. Morbidly overweight, seriously competitive computer gamer with creative genius wrt online persona. I love nature and I am natural. I wish he is kind, which is most important, not only to me, to friends, but to all people and to the world. That dogs "profile" appeals to men because those are the qualities that men are looking for. HE ALSO HAS TO LIKE TO HAVE FUN AND PARTY AND OCCASSIONALLY GO OUT TO THE BARS. Funny Personal Ads Funny Personals What follows are some profiles that I found on the web over the years that struck my fancy. . Yup, it happens, as much as the other way around? If ur intrested than send me a message. Rabid Wonder Woman fan looking for someone in satin tights, fighting for our rights and the old red, white 'n blue. When they do not brushe there teeth, or comb there hair, or they just smell that turns me away fast ON CULTURAL BACKGROUND. Not to strike the whole lonely loser banter, but figured Id give a little insight into what Im doing here ON THE IDEALMATCH. In addition someone who can dance the night away or appreciate art in its finest form. Some profiles are funny in a funny way. . And he must appreciate conjunctions as much as I do. Show ALL Forums humor Best Funny Personal Ads Best Funny Personal Ads Page 1 of 1. Hope you enjoy these, or maybe get some inspiration! Sure, her drag on the carpet till her nipples bleed and she had to lift them and her belly out of the way just to sit down, but she's beautiful. Because, like, why else would they say that? It's serious for sure but I'm not." "Angry, simple-minded, balding, partially blind ex-circus flipper boy with a passion for covering lovers in sour cream and gravy seeks exotic, heavily tattooed. And then there is English by non-English speakers (aka "desperately seeking a green card! LOOKS ARE NOT EVERYTHING IELATIONSHIP ITS WHATS ON THE INSIDE THAT REALLY COUNTS. Best Funny Personal Ads Posted: PM Sounds very sane to me. Seeking svelte, kinky vixen for impossible fantasy roleplay. I'd be worried to leave him alone with my vacuum cleaner. The things she does with her teeth are out of this world, too, especially when their in her mouth. Anyway we can enjoy many things together, but we can give freedom to each other.