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During our 2 days in Pattaya, Brent and I were ludicrously overcharged for drinks, transport, and even for a spot on the beach. Girls were so-so, some cute ones for sure. The place was busy with nice girls and cheap LDs.  Then, at one point, Brent and I were walking down the middle of a road, and saw a car approaching from behind us. Pattaya Transport Discusses the various methods of getting around in Pattaya. Com you will find helpful statistics about the trade in Thailand. In the Directories section you will find a table displaying 12 popular business categories. 400 for the room and the rest is up to the girl. It will help you save money and be your guide for an outrageous vacation in Thailand. I connected with a pretty 20 year old, and after a couple of drinks I left. My club soda was 70 baht and her LD was 130. We then fell asleep for a few hours. The workers hanging around the entrances to massage parlors and bars called out to the other men who passed by, but they didnt try to lure Brent in because. She was disappointed, made clear that she wouldn't ask for more money but I really wanted to sleep. She sees me paying and runs over. Since coming to Thailand, weve been repeatedly told that Pattaya is the unofficial tourism capital of the world. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. IBar was a sausage fest and Lucifer was wilder with a better ratio but not many good lookers. I didn't have much to drink last night either. We have listed 23 massage parlors in our directory. One of the hostesses tells me that the sister club is Touch on LK Metro. We switch over to doggie and I'm giving it to her good. Motorbike insurance Motorbike Hire and Car Hire How to save money on your taxi fares.  Instead of Thai food, the street stalls sold Cornish pasties and sour cabbage. Eat and rest for most of the day at the hotel. 430 baht for penicillin, ibuprofen and digital thermometer. Where to find y Thai girls, y massage girls and bar girls. It seems the talent has cleared out a little. Walk back to the hotel and let one of the second road massage girls talk me into a foot massage. Pattaya day 1 Arrived yesterday from BKK using Mike Taxi service. I get to the top of soi 6 and decide I'm in a mood for a soapy on my last night. It does have two beaches: Pattaya and Jomtien. We crossed to opposite sides of the street to let the car pass, and for less than 10 seconds, Brent was alone and out of my sight. It was kind of awkward sitting there as the girls were bored I had no interest in them and they had none in me. As a whole, the girls can't compare to the high end spots, but for sure can find some attractive girls here. Always hard to tell with Bar girls. Do you want to teach English in Thailand? I walk down second road to Saibai massage. Quite often referred to as the "Fish Bowl" because the y massage girls are seated behind a plate glass window awaiting your selection. Starting from second road I walk the length of the street. Pattaya Bar Girls Thai Visas On the visa page you will be able to view the types of visas available for your journey to Thailand. I was driven by a twisted sense of curiosity to find out what kind of a town this made Pattaya, if there really were that many prostitutes, and if Pattaya. We will give you some sound advice about Thai bar girls, Go Go Bar Girls and dating Thai girls. Looks to be about 6 girls now. I awake from a good nights sleep but don't feel good again. A few good lookers and gave drinks to one who caught my attention. Again, this a place low on hotties, but the girls seem to be having fun. Well once the DATY was performed the girl was a real GFE. I'm not waiting around so once I finish my beer I start to leave. It has only been open 1 week.