Dating a texas man

Or have your picture taken with any one of the many gigantic roadside attractions. A lot of it remains untouched, undeveloped, and makes for the perfect backdrop for getting away together. Source: Flickr user Saraubh Thakur Visit Austin for some of the best murals, especially for couples. Youll never have to worry about them asking you to catch spiders or hang pictures, either. Source: RODEOHOUSTON Facebook Okay, you see where Im going with that, lets not get picky. Source: Giphy Because now youre with a Texan. Youre Guaranteed To Be Dating Some Of The Best Looking People In The Country. Your Boyfriend Will Take You Out Dancing Without You Asking. Youll Have The Best Facebook Photos Together. Source: Whataburger Facebook If you think Whataburger is a cheap date, thats because youve never had Whataburger. Its The Best Place For The Two Of You To Go Star Gazing. And the only thing better than a Whataburger is a free Whataburger, yall. Your Girlfriend Wont Be Afraid To Eat. Load up the truck and get out there. Good or bad, trust me, youll know. Youll Find Them In Texas Source: Giphy No, not everyone in Texas is a cowboy. Every Day Together Will Be An Adventure. Have you ever gone on a date where the girl picks at lettuce all night? And they cant wait to prove it. I mean, just take Matthew McConaughey and the entire Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader lineup for starters. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Texas in the comments below! Cowboys dont have a monopoly on Texas. Your Girlfriend Will Love Football As Much As You Do. And Your Boyfriend Will Always Hold The Door Open For You. You Wont Have To Look Hard To Find Some Alone Time. They have opinions on everything and theyre not scared to make them known. Source: WiffleGif Sure, every other state might try to argue this one. Source: Visit Houston Facebook This is Texas. Source: Giphy The stars at night are so big and bright in Texas, they even wrote a song about it. Source: Giphy Youll be like peas and carrots. Texans always choose big, so prepare yourself for a whole lot of fun. But the rodeo is the best date youll ever go on, period. Source: Giphy Another thing you dont have to worry about with a Texan is wondering how theyre feeling. And not just with the guys, either. Source: Flickr user Andy In case you didnt get the memo, Texas is massive. But all you have to do is take a look around Texas to see for yourself. But theyve got plenty of that, too. So youll never have to worry about missing a game to spend the day at the farmers market, because shed never dream of doing anything else on game day. The girls take it just as seriously, sometimes even more. But there are still plenty of them, which means you wont have to look very far to find your very own Marlboro Man. Because anything you can do, Texas girls can do better. Nobody Will Ever Mess With You Again. Source: Giphy And push your chair in, and pick you up at the door, and everything else a good old-fashioned boy should do for his date. And no, its not all line dancing. Steak, Tex Mex, authentic barbecue, and everything in between shell dive right in with you. Thats not a problem with a Texas girl. And theyll never let anyone mess with their special someone. Source: The Big Texican Steak Ranch Facebook.