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Again, the perspective switches to Agent Hudson, who is sent on a mission to infiltrate a Soviet base in the Ural Mountains, a suspected development center of Nova 6. There are currently 4 maps for Zombies mode in Black Ops 2. The game also introduced several new features, such as dive-to-prone and the available use of a flashlight on certain weapons. Dragovich, who is present at the launch, escapes alive, forcing Mason to spend the next five years searching for him. The flashbacks end and the interrogation continues. Bay of Pigs Invasion in April of 1961, a doomed effort to assassinate Fidel Castro. The new skill-based matchmaking system will allow players of the same skill levels to be teamed-up to fight Zombies in public game modes. " Redemption " - Destroy the broadcast station and confront Dragovich. At the end of this mission, Mason is captured by Castro's soldiers and given to Nikita Dragovich as a 'gift.' He is held captive at the Vorkuta Gulag, a Russian. " - Tour the Pentagon and meet John F. Plot The game is set in the Cold War era. The mission goes awry, and Clarke is killed while Hudson seeks to escape Dragovich's men. We live in a world where everything you know is wrong. Call of Duty Black Ops PC - Full Walkthrough Campaign Locations North America The Caribbean Southeast and East Asia Soviet Union Other Factions Playable Friendly Enemy Characters CIA and SOG. Mason reaches Steiner only shortly before Hudson, and watches as Reznov murders Steiner. When Mason reaches Kravchenko, he seemingly commits suicide with his bandolier of grenades, apparently killing Woods in the process. " WMD " - Infiltrate a Soviet base in the Ural Mountains. Mason is asked questions by an unknown interrogator about a numbers broadcast which is being used to contact Soviet sleeper cells in the United States. Officially announced on April 30, 2010, 3 the game was released on November 9, 2010. Hudson engages in an all-out assault on the facility with light armor and a squad of CIA operatives, while Mason sneaks into the facility with Reznov. Two Zombie maps are included with the game, and seven are currently available as part of the four map packs. For other uses, see Black Ops (faction) and. Other Missions Call of Duty: Black Ops contains fifteen single player levels. Mason's story converges with Hudson's at Rebirth Island, as both fight their way through a Soviet Nova 6 research and production facility to reach Dr. The interrogation moves back to 1968, and Mason describes how he and the rest of his squad from the SOG fight their way through Viet Cong -controlled territory in an. Mason and Reznov then recover documents that lead them to Rebirth Island, the location of Dr. These questions set the stage for the campaign missions. Mason and Woods fight across a vast swath of Vietnamese land in a stolen Mi-24 Hind to reach Kravchenko's base. " Executive Order " - Rescue Weaver and stop the launch of the Soyuz 2. If you're new to Zombies in BLOPS 2, check out the. However, when the same story is retold through Hudson's eyes, it is revealed that it was, in fact, Mason alone who shot Steiner, while exclaiming that he was Reznov and. " Numbers " - Escape Dragovich's men with Dr. After Mason helps defend the military camp at Khe Sanh, he is deployed to Hu during the Tet Offensive to recover a dossier with information on Dragovich from an unnamed. Zombies Main article: Zombies (mode) Call of Duty: Black Ops features the return of Zombie Mode from Call of Duty: World at War. CIA operative Alex Mason, primarily through flashbacks. " Alex Mason in the world premiere trailer. By 1968, the SOG, including Mason, is deployed in Vietnam to investigate the Soviet presence. Furthermore, the campaign's playable characters now speak while being controlled by the player. The team saves a captured operative and destroy the Soyuz 2 rocket as it is launched. Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign is told through the eyes of. Call of Duty: Black Ops features two playable countries (Russia and the USA but only has an American campaign. After Mason escapes Hu City, the campaign shifts to a mission in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where Hudson and Weaver is sent to find and interrogate Dr. Daniel Clarke - A British scientist who formulated codename " Nova 6 often considered an anti-hero.