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Edited AM AM What is an "average" body type? Curvy means a decent difference in boob to waist to ass ratio (waist being smaller of the 3). That might be the solution to this big problem. BMI and heart health and stress tests thats not what body type means for a dating website. While sizes vary from brand to brand and store to store, you could pick your lowest size on the dating profile and never be accused of lying! Men dont generally know anything about womens pants sizes but my guess is they would learn quickly! Edited PM PM What is an "average" body type?  You have to think about who this body designation matters to. Here, I"d myself from the last one for you. Average BMI which is 26.5 but slightly higher for middle aged women 4. The only average it is is the average size you see in a store ( ok average size in the store is size 6 to 10 but close enough ).  And clothes are more than just their size. I generally like dating sites, in fact back in the day I had even thought about starting a dating site myself; one based on face reading. AM What is an "average" body type?  Simple. 2009" from tyrantfuryre: Based on what I can see in your one picture, I'd say you have "a few extra pounds". 2009" from littlems1020: To me slender means super skinny. Stocky Body Type I think this category is for men, but technically LOTS of women of all heights are stocky body type.  Or more exactly. I have been told that I am not a BBW and I am way above a size 14 and always have been since puberty. .  thin. 2011 define normal then there is your answer. They are a measure of butt size, waist width, fat percent as well as height; the whole package.  And sure some girls that are curvy may be plus sized and some that are plus sized may be curvy. Warning:  Purely Anecdotal Claims To Follow.  This isnt a shopping guide and nobody is trying to buy you a sweater.  I was at a party awhile back.  Fucking disgusting admirable.  Youre slim. Average Fat but hangs with fat people, so it's ok. Look at this series of photos of Olympic athletes in ALL sizes and shapes if you think that is true. . I just stay away from anyone putting this since to me it shows a lack of communication abilities. . Youre not a BBW, youre just a little extra. Thats why there is a bmi index.  But just a word of caution. I guess I'm just going to have to be thought of as fat til I get new pics. Body Builder Youre probably thinking Isnt this the same as athlete?  Why couldnt it just be simple!  This isnt a job interview.  And while you can take issue with that all you want, this is a dating website (and under the exception youre a gay female) the only person who cares about.