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Curious about what it's like to use such a site, I went undercover (so to speak) for a month on Ashley Madison to take a look inside. Perhaps one of you has had more experience with the site and knows the answer to this question, but in my case, I honestly don't know. One of the best-known cheating sites is Ashley Madison. Disclosure: The company did not provide free access to this service for review purposes. One more thing that, yes, I've left until the end. The site accepts credits cards, PayPal, Interac money transfer, mail, courier or Western Union as payment. Overview From Ashley Madison "There are many single people on Ashley Madison that wish to meet attached people for various reasons. At the same time, there are reports from several readers that the site doesn't deliver on their promises (see reviews below and that most of the female members are fake. What was different (and a bit disturbing) was that I was presented with six "specially selected" members in my area after having signed up - but none of the members. Make sure to sign up for the free newsletter. I didn't respond to emails or look at everyone's private photos. In late 2015, Ashley Madison's database was hacked and their membership lists shared. Unique Features Separate from the unusual nature of the site - which promotes ery, cheating and/or deceit between long-term partners - Ashley Madison also offers several very unique features and. Com Rating Ashley Madison has been featured extensively in the news because of its unusual tag line: "Life Is Short. Can free members initiate chats or emails? For more information, please see our Ethics Policy. The Bottom Line Well laid out and easy to use, Ashley Madison has a clean interface that makes it easy to connect with people if you purchase a membership. One gentleman told me that he'd had great luck using the system to find partners while two others told me they hadn't heard a word from anyone other than me. But is this because its so easy to sign up - with no profile needed other than answering a few questions - or is it because most of its users. With its high number of members and ease of use, I'd recommend the site to anyone who is willing to take a bit of time and look around to see. Obviously, I didn't actually date anyone either. That said, need to warn you: the following slides do contain some racy and ual content. As well, people showed up in my search results that were well outside my 'within 20-mile The layout and feel is different than any dating site I've encountered, and it lends. Credits can be used for a number of things, and different actions cost different numbers of credits: 5 credits to contact a member initially, but every message sent to that. If you are single and wish to meet an attached person, you're probably going to have to try a little harder. Cavan Images/Taxi/Getty Images Updated April 30, 2016. Continue reading below our video 9 Steps to Drama Free Friendships. Here's what it's like to be a woman on cheating site Ashley Madison ». Discretion of its members privacy is obvious (and warranted so don't be surprised if you have to contact people individually to see pictures of them. Membership Costs Anyone can sign up for free, but it'll take buying some credits to really do anything with the site. Follow their Terms and Conditions as well as the Affair Guarantee Program Rules. But if I wasn't and I wanted to spice up my life with a bout of infidelity, there are several dating websites designed with that in mind. We suggest that you remain patient and keep trying.". I was able to speak with a few members, however, to ask them if they were legit, and of the few I spoke with, all were real people who were.