All my friends are dating

I had no idea how serious it was until she invited me to her engagement party via text. Come to think of it, this could very well be him dressed as a woman and going to great lengths to keep in contact. Ive just taken my temperature and it appears Im ovulating, so today well be engaging in a 24-hour bender of forced intercourse. Consider yourself a "free agent you can do and go where ever you want now without having to drag a boy along with you. Staring myself down in the mirror, I start the pep talk. One November afternoon, my childhood friend Lyna struck up a conversation with me through text. You join Meetup, and much like OkCupid, you have your ups and downs. Rather than single college-women getting sideways glances, the young and betrothed are- and guess who is giving them? I'd seen her a few weeks ago as we explored downtown Lafayette, La., viewing local art. You have to think bigger, think of something that will ensure you meet other people in the same boat. No one should be limited to any role they fulfill, whether it's friend, daughter, wife, or mother. "I wonder who will be the first one to get married?" The question flitted through conversations with my friends throughout our adolescence. The One Night Stand: A fellow party girl, you both drank entirely too much and got all TMI about your personal lives. School is no longer the buffer that forces you to talk to strangers. But those dont produce the same camaraderie you had with your old friends. They need to be able to move on, and I need to be okay with that. I realize this was not said in my head when the girl next to me gives me the side-eye and leaves without drying her hands. She could still explore the world with me or become a photographer. Four years ago, we giggled about our high school crushes like children. But it would have to be at her pace, and I'd have to be considerate of that. Been looking for somewhere to take a Zumba class. Trying to pick up friends in your thirties is, unfortunately, exactly like dating. You have to get creative to make friends now. Though their lives differ from mine, I am satisfied in knowing they are genuinely happy. Little Bobby is about to make his first peepee on the potty. A fifteen-year-old hopeless romantic, I figured I'd have to wait quite some time until I met "the one." But that didn't mean my friends would. The Stalker: You quickly realize she is the epitome of the phrase batshit crazy. Why are we understanding of our friends when they dump a guy but not when they commit to one? She oddly resembles the creepy guy you tried so hard to get rid of, but much like winter in New York, keeps turning up just when you think youre in. You tell her to look at the picture of Stevens new bundle of joy. My only Asian friend growing up, we shared a special bond- one of frustration in a small town and a desire for a cosmopolitan life. Socially Awkward Girl formerly known as Nice Guy there was no chemistry, but you felt bad turning him down. She goes on about her law firm. I want my friends to know themselves and what they want out of life. You start doing things like going to yoga, participating in the Revlon Run Walk for Women, and spending copious amounts of time in the tampon aisle. You find yourself having to light a wood-burning stove under your ass to go out on nights youd rather stay in, on the off chance that you might meet someone.