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We need to do more to help young people stand up against warped notions of uality conveyed in ography. These are the words of Lucy, aged 15, one of 600 young Australian women and girls who took part in a just-released survey commissioned by Plan Australia and Our Watch. Girls and young women describe boys pressuring them to provide acts inspired by the they consume routinely. Ography is molding and conditioning the ual behaviors and attitudes of boys, and girls are being left without the resources to deal with these -saturated boys. 'She was proud of him being the father until she found out we were going to become involved  police chief Jason Hepler told. The teenager posted news of her pregnancy on Facebook on March 2. Young people are not learning about intimacy, friendship and love, but about cruelty and humiliation. Some girls suffer physical injury from -inspired ual acts, including anal . Ual bullying and harassment are part of daily life for many girls growing up as a part of this digital generation. They are saying that boys act like they are entitled to girls bodies, like girls are only there to pleasure them. Woman is accused of falling pregnant after allegedly raping a 14-year-old boy. As the Plan Australia/Our Watch report found, girls are tired of being pressured for images they dont want to send, but they seem resigned to send them anyways because of how normal. To them, no just means persuade me. What YOU Can Do SHARE this article and help spread the facts on the harmful effects of ography on individuals, relationships, and society. Girls describe being ranked at school on their bodies, and are sometimes compared to the bodies of stars. The Impact of Internet ography on Adolescents found that adolescent consumption of internet was linked to attitudinal changes, including acceptance of male dominance and female submission as the primary. When asked, How do you know a guy likes you?, an 8th grade girl replied: He still wants to talk to you after you give him oral . Guffey was released from the Jackson County Jail on Tuesday on 25,300 bail, according to jail records. Boys then typically use the images as a form of currency, to swap and share with their friends. Often times boys will use the revealing pics to humiliate girls publicly if there is a bad break up. Some see only in terms of performance, where what counts most is the boy enjoying it. The Australian Psychological Society estimates that adolescent boys are responsible for around 20 of rapes of women and between 30 and 50 of all reported ual assaults of children. She replied: I think my body looked OK. Girls describe being groped in the school yard, and being routinely ually harassed at school or on the school bus on the way home. We have seen a huge increase in deprivation of liberty, physical injuries, torture, drugging, filming and sharing footage without consent. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo says of young men: They dont know the language of face to face contact Constant arousal, change, novelty excitement makes them out of sync with slow developing relationships. Police said her relationship with the boy started in December when they were introduced via a mutual friend at a McDonald's restaurant. And while the behavior seemed so common, more than 80 said it was unacceptable for boyfriends to request naked images. As a recent study found: Online mainstream ography overwhelmingly centered on acts of violence and degradation toward women, the ual behaviors exemplified in ography skew away from intimacy and tenderness. Mekenzie Leigh Guffey, 19, allegedly told police that she had with the 14-year-old boy multiple times in her car when she was arrested in Hollywood, Alabama on Friday. The girl asks: How do I say no without hurting his feelings? But in , its the reverse; interactions are based on domination, disrespect, abuse, violence, and detachment. The authors found that adolescents who are intentionally exposed to violent ually explicit material were six times more likely to be ually aggressive than those who were not exposed. In the survey report, entitled Dont send me that pic, participants reported that online ual abuse and harassment were becoming a normal part of their everyday interactions. Authorities began investigating Guffey (pictured right in her mugshot) when she applied for Medicaid this month and identified the 14-year-old as the baby's father The teenager posted news of her. 7th grade girls are asking questions about bondage and S M. It is partially true what defenders of often say, does provide educationbut not in the way they think. 7th grade girls are increasingly seeking help on what to do about requests for naked images. She was also charged with possession of child ography and dissemination of child ography after police allegedly found naked photos on her phone that she and the boy had been. Authorities began investigating Guffey when she applied for Medicaid this month and identified the 14-year-old as the baby's father. They know they cant compete, but that doesnt stop them from thinking that they have to. Is full of ideals and beliefs that are completely opposite of what real relationships, real , and real love are like. Fight the New Drug is all about pro-love and pro-healthy uality. Healthy relationships are built on equality, honesty, respect, and love. This post comes from an article originally posted on Collective Shout by Melinda Tankard Reist.